Hepatica Nobilis

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Evergreen, Purple, White
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Hepatica Nobilis - Anemone hepatica

Hepatica Nobilis is also known as liverleaf. It is a lovely spring-blooming flower that is often found in shady woodlands. It has a delicate, sweet fragrance; its petals are deep purple or dark blue-green.

How to plant Hepatica Nobilis

Planting Hepatica Nobilis is easy and can be done at almost any time of the year. It is best to plant the bulbs when minimal, no larger than 1/4 inch (1/6 cm) long. To plant them, scatter the seeds on a moist soil surface and leave them for several days. This plant grows best in shady places; therefore, it is advisable to plant it in the afternoon.

Hepatica Nobilis Care Tips

Here are a few simple and easy ways to take care of Hepatic Nobilis.

  • It is not advisable to prune the leaves at any time.
  • When planting, ensure that the ground is well prepared, loose, and enriched with manure. The soil should be moist but not soaked.
  • Add mulch to the soil to prevent moisture loss and suppress the growth of weeds. Mulching improves air circulation around plants' roots, making it easier for them to breathe and grow faster in a shaded environment.
  • Hepatica Nobilis is not susceptible to many diseases, pests, or disorders. If these affect your plants, use organic pesticides and fungicides as remedies.
Where does Hepatica Nobilis grow best?

Hepatica Nobilis grows best in shady areas with moist and loamy soil. It is challenging, as it is not affected by low temperatures or drought.

It is pretty standard for people to use this flower as an ornamental in their home or office. You can also use it as planters in your garden.

Why Buy Hepatica Nobilis?

Here are some of the reasons you should buy this plant.

  • Easy To Care for: The plant does not need much attention, so it is best to water it in the morning and let it dry for at least five hours before watering again.
  • Lovely Appearance: The plant has heart-shaped green leaves with white flowers and purple dots. They can be used as decoration in your office or home.
  • The Plant Has Medicinal Properties: Hepatica Nobilis can be used for bronchitis, gout, menstrual cramps, colic pain, and edema, among other conditions.
  • Grows Easily: Hepatica Nobilis is suitable for people who are just beginning to grow flowers in their gardens. It grows quickly and does not need much attention like other flowering plants.
  • Hardy Plant: This perennial plant can withstand cold temperatures. Thus it is ideal for cold areas. It can also survive in hot summer weather, even in desert regions where temperatures sometimes get above 100°F (37°C).
  • Affordable: The price and quality of the plant are reasonable. You can buy them at a relatively small cost, depending on the variety and size you want.


1. Does Hepatica like sun or shade?

A. In its native habitat, hepatica is often found growing in the understory of deciduous woodlands, where it receives filtered or dappled sunlight.

2. Is Hepatica evergreen?

A. Hepatica's foliage is often semi-evergreen, meaning that it retains some of its leaves throughout the winter, especially in milder climates.

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Evergreen, Purple, White
Ships As:
Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter
Full to Partial Shade
Deer Resistant:

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    hepatica nobilis

    Posted by hepatica nobilis on Mar 20, 2023

    My vines arrived in excellent condition and they also had planting instructions with them. What more could you ask for

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    Sharp Lobed Hepatica

    Posted by Hepatica Bobilis on Mar 09, 2023

    The flowers of Hepatica nobilis bloom in early spring, and are typically blue, pink, or white in color.