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Maidenhair Fern - Adiantum

Maidenhair Fern Plant is a perennial fern, and it is one of the easiest fern plants to keep alive. It can grow in many light conditions, including shady zones while thriving in hotter conditions. If given enough light, without direct sunlight striking its leaves, this type will grow as high as two feet tall and just one inch wide! If you do not have this light in your home, you can attach the Maidenhair Fern to a hanging basket, enabling it to grow as a hanging plant.

The Maidenhair cover is formed by a network of delicate, fuzzy brown roots that creep under the soil to absorb nutrients. The fern uses these roots to anchor itself to the ground or any other surface. They protect delicate fern leaves from flying insects, rodents, and pets.

This plant can be found in most parts of Canada. It can be easily identified by its long hairs that are arranged on each of its leaves.

As mentioned previously, this plant does very well in shady locations, and it should be kept far from drafts and cold areas in your home or office. If there is an open window near the plant, it should be fine as long as a tree or some other barrier is blocking much of the breeze.

The soil this plant is based on should be of a very loose consistency and kept moist at all times. 

When it comes to watering, if the leaves turn floppy, it is time to water. This plant does not like too much water and can drown if left alone. If the soil feels dry, you can sprinkle some water on top of the surface, which should be enough hydration for this particular type of fern.

For your Maidenhair Fern, you should try not to overwater. If the plant's soil dries out completely, it will stop growing and must be repotted in an enormous container.

 If your plant is not growing as high as it should be, this could be from lack of light. The leaves need to receive enough light so that they can adequately photosynthesize.

Maidenhair Fern Plants are very common and can easily be bought in most local or online plant stores.

If you want to grow your plants, you can find the Maidenhair Fern Plant in just about any garden store including Nance Plants.

Buy Maidenhair Fern online at Nance Plants.


1. Are Maidenhair ferns easy to grow?

A. While Maidenhair ferns are not considered the easiest ferns to grow, they can be cultivated successfully with proper care.

2. How much water do Maidenhair ferns need?

A. Maidenhair ferns (Adiantum) have a reputation for being a bit finicky when it comes to watering. They prefer consistently moist soil but can be sensitive to both overwatering and underwatering.

This is a good plant for homeowners and landscapers because it is well-known, easy to maintain, and relatively low in price. Another reason that this plant is quite popular is that it looks excellent in a wetland or Japanese-style garden. There are also wide varieties of this particular type of fern, and you may want to try one if you want to get your hands on a specific variety.

One Year Guarantee on all Perennials & Ferns. See Healthy Plant Guarantee for more details.
Ships As:
Summer, Fall
Full to Partial Shade
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    Maidenhair fern

    Posted by Maidenhair fern on Mar 20, 2023

    I received my roots today. They look great. Wish me luck!

  • 5
    Maidenhair Fern

    Posted by Maidenhair Fern on Mar 09, 2023

    Maidenhair fern prefers a shaded or partially shaded location, such as under the canopy of trees in a woodland garden or indoors in a bright but indirect light.

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