Purple Wisteria

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Bare Root
Spring, Summer, Fall
Partial Shade - Full Sun
Deer Resistant

Purple Wisteria 12-18"

Purple Wisteria is a beautiful flowering plant known for its stunning display of lavender-purple, fragrant blooms. It belongs to the pea family, and its scientific name is Wisteria sinensis.
Purple Wisteria is a deciduous vine growing up to 30 feet long. Its leaves are pinnately compound, meaning they are composed of many leaflets. The plant produces large, drooping clusters of flowers that can be up to 1 foot long. These blooms are highly fragrant and attract bees, butterflies, and pollinators.
Purple Wisteria is a popular ornamental plant, often grown in gardens along trellises or pergolas which prefers full sun to partial shade. However, it can be invasive in some areas and should be cautiously planted.
Purple Wisteria typically blooms in the late spring to early summer, depending on the climate and location. In warmer regions, it may bloom as early as March or April; in more excellent areas, it may bloom in May or June.
The exact timing of blooming can also vary depending on the individual plant, its growing conditions, and the weather patterns. However, once it begins to bloom, Purple Wisteria can produce its showy flowers for several weeks, providing a stunning display in the garden.

Purple Wisteria is a beautiful plant known for its stunning display of fragrant, purple blooms. It can add color and visual interest to any garden or landscape.

The flowers of Purple Wisteria are highly fragrant, with a sweet, floral scent that can fill the air; thus making it an excellent choice for anyone who loves the smell of flowers in their garden.
Purple Wisteria is an excellent plant for attracting pollinators, which can help support local ecosystems and promote biodiversity.

Purple Wisteria for sale at Nance Plants.

Purple Wisteria is a versatile plant that can be grown in various settings, including as a vine along a trellis or pergola or as a free-standing shrub or small tree.
Once established, Purple Wisteria is a relatively low-maintenance plant that requires little care beyond regular watering and the occasional pruning, thus making it a great choice for anyone looking for a beautiful yet easy-to-care-for plant.

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Bare Root
Spring, Summer, Fall
Partial Shade - Full Sun
Deer Resistant:

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