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Red Trillium - Trillium erectum

The Red Trillium is an excellent plant for any garden, both aesthetically pleasing to the eye and practically useful. It is also commonly referred to as “wake robin” because, like the European robin, its distinctive red coloring means spring has arrived. 

Appearance and Applications

The flower’s Trillium designation comes from the fact that many of its defining features occur in threes. Three sepals support its three maroon petals. These surround six stamens and a darkly colored ovary hosting three recurved stigmata. These flowers traditionally bloom in May, lasting until the end of June. Once it has bloomed, the ovary will develop into a small fruit containing many tiny seeds. 

Due to its tendency for the flowers to form together in large clumps, it can be an eye-catching aspect of your arrangement. In 2018, the species was recognized with an Award of Garden Merit by the UK’s leading garden charity, the Royal Horticultural Society. 

 On top of its natural beauty, the Red Trillium has long been recognized for its role as a homeopathic medicine. For hundreds of years, the native peoples of America used this plant as an aid to inducing childbirth. When European settlers came over, they adopted this method. Its use became so widespread that other common names are “birthroot” or “birthwort.” Because of this, pregnant individuals should be careful with their Trillium consumption.

The Cherokee used the entirety of Trillium in poultices they used to treat all manners of skin ailments. When applied as a paste, Trillium can encourage the healing process of wounds and bruises by promoting increased circulation in the affected area. The leaves or the root, boiled or powdered, can be used this way.

How to plant the Red Trillium?

The Red Trillium thrives best in moist soil fertilized with decaying organic matter, simulating the plant’s dense woodland natural habitat. While Trilliums bloom in spring, they are hardy perennials. If they are tended to properly, it is not unheard of for them to live multiple decades. Red Trillium can survive winter temperatures down to -31 degrees Fahrenheit (-35 Celcius). 

Another advantage of the Red Trillium is its tendency to avoid most diseases and pests. It can be a snack for some varieties of deer, but even when furry intruders come dining, they rarely devour the whole plant. 

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Whether you want to make your garden stand out or cultivate herbs for health(or both!)Red Trillium is a perfect fit.


1. Are Red trillium rare?

A. The red trillium (Trillium erectum), also known as wake-robin or purple trillium, is not necessarily rare, but its abundance can vary across different regions and ecosystems. Trilliums, in general, are a diverse group of herbaceous perennials.

2. Are Red trillium easy to transplant.

A. Yes, Red trillium are fairly easy to transplant.

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