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Solomon's Seal - Polygonatum

We sell Solomon's seal plant, which grows from rhizomes and spreads using underground stems. The flowers resemble King Solomon's seal because they are arranged parallel on opposite sides of a stem. Many gardeners grow Solomon's seal for its decorative foliage and attractive flowers.

 Solomon's seal is a perennial plant in the lily family. It has blue-green leaves, each with three lobes, and it produces small brownish-white flowers that bloom in mid-spring. It can grow up to 6 feet tall in prime conditions and has grass-like leaves arranged in fan-like clusters. The flowers are white and fragrant, with a tubular shape. 

How to grow Solomon's seal plants?

 Solomon's seal is a low-maintenance plant that does well in well-drained, soil in partial shade. It does not require frequent watering or fertilizing, making it an excellent choice for gardeners with limited time for gardening. It is drought tolerant and will tolerate some shade when young. Solomon's seal can be planted directly into the garden or in sufficient drainage containers. Planting should occur before the last spring frost date so that new growth can harden off before summer's heat arrives.

Is Solomon's seal a good choice for gardens?

 Solomon's seal is an excellent choice for homeowners and landscapers. There are various reasons attributed to this:

1. Solomon's seal can be a good ground cover in shady areas of the garden, such as under trees and shrubs. It will spread quickly to form an impenetrable mat of leaves and stems that prevents weeds from growing.

2. Solomon's seal is a beautiful perennial plant. It has attractive glossy leaves and clusters of creamy white flowers that bloom in the springtime. 

3. Solomon's seal also makes an excellent border plant. Its unique foliage will contrast nicely with other plants, while its trailing stems make it easy to train over garden beds or even along fences and walls.

4. Solomon's seal can be grown as a specimen plant in dry shade gardens in large containers or raised beds.

5. Solomons seal is a hardy perennial that tolerates many soils, including clay and loam. 

How to Care for Solomon's Seal Plants?

Solomon's seal produces leafy stems with small leaflets opposite each other along their length. Solomon's seal prefers moist soil but is well drained. When caring for the plant, keep the soil evenly moist during all seasons except winter, when watering should be reduced to once or twice per month. Refrain from overwatering, as this can cause root rot!

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 Solomon's seal is an incredibly versatile plant that works great as an understory plant for shade. It's also an excellent ground cover in moist areas, and it looks beautiful when planted alongside ponds or streams.


1. Do Solomon's seal spread?

A. Solomon's seal spreads primarily through underground rhizomes, which are horizontal stems that give rise to new shoots and plants. This growth habit allows the plant to form colonies over time.

2. Is Solomon's seal invasive?

A. No, while Solomon's seal do spread they are not considered invasive.

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    Soloman's seal

    Posted by Solomand's seal on Mar 20, 2023

    Plants came in a timely manner also included planting instructions.

  • 4
    no flowers

    Posted by Solomon's Seal on Dec 14, 2022

    these roots are nice and healthy but this plant does not have any big blooms like most flowers

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