Toothed Wood Fern

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Summer, Fall
2-3 Feet
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Full to Partial Shade
Deer Resistant

Toothed Wood Fern - Dryopteris Carthusiana

The toothed wood fern, Dryopteris carthusiana is a showstopper. Its leaves come to a point, giving it an exotic look that is great for landscaping. The toothed wood fern will bring an instant natural touch to your garden or porch with its light green fronds and dark green foliage. It stands out from the crowd with its unique curves, making it a great addition to any garden!
The toothed wood fern is a garden plant that can be used indoors or outside landscaping. It has small, glossy leaves and the fronds are leathery and green. The plant prefers moist environments and needs to be planted in shady areas.
The toothed wood fern is a non-flowering plant that has been used in gardens for centuries. In spring, the rosettes of leaves unfold to reveal the dense network of unusual toothed fronds. It prefers moist, shady areas and grows well in moist woodland soil.

Are toothed wood ferns deer resistant?

Our unique toothed wood fern is a beautiful and rare plant with a lot of character and is perfect for the garden. It's deer resistant, so you won't have to worry about your ferns being eaten away by hungry deer. Whether you're looking for a ground cover, background, or stand-alone, this fern has you covered!

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Will toothed wood ferns grow in the shade?


1. Do Toothed Wood Ferns come back every year?

A. Yes, wood ferns like many ferns, are perennial plants, and they do come back each year. Ferns reproduce by spores, not seeds, and they typically have an underground rhizome from which new fronds (leaves) emerge each growing season.

2. Do Toothed wood ferns grow best in sun or shade?

A. Toothed wood ferns (Dryopteris species) generally prefer shaded or partially shaded locations. While they can tolerate some sunlight, especially if the soil is consistently moist, they are more adapted to woodland conditions.

The iconic toothed wood fern lives in the shadows but is worth much more than its weight in gold! These hardy plants grow best in the shade with moist, acidic soil and make a great addition to the garden. With any luck, this description will help you grow your own thriving toothed wood fern garden!
We all know about the benefits of ferns for your garden but remember woodland settings. And toothed wood fern has the most shade tolerance, perfect for and shaded area. 

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Summer, Fall
2-3 Feet
Ships As:
Full to Partial Shade
Deer Resistant:

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  • 5
    toothed wood fern

    Posted by toothed wood fern on Mar 20, 2023

    What an amazing encounter! I received wonderful roots, packaged nicely, and even included planting instructions Can't wait to get these planted.

  • 5
    I would buy these again they are big

    Posted by Customer on Jan 07, 2023

    I would buy these toothed wood ferns again. they are very big and healthy

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