Turk's Cap Lily

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Turk's Cap Lily Plant - lilium superbum

The Turk's cap lily is a perennial flower. Its leaves are opposite on the stem, entire, leathery and thin. The plant grows from a bulb with many parachutes leaves in shape when mature. The roots are fibrous and rhizomatous and grow from underground stems by rhizomes. The Turk's cap lily grows in moist, shady areas in the wild. It blooms mid-to-late summer with fragrant white flowers with a yellow blotch at their base. 

 1. Why Turk's Cap Lily Plant Is An Excellent Plant To Buy

 Easy To Grow

The Turk's cap lily plant is easy to grow and care for. It is ideal for landscapers who wants to grow a beautiful flower without prior experience.

Long Bloom Time

 The Turk's cap lily plant blooms for about six weeks each summer, which makes it an excellent choice for people who enjoy seeing fresh flowers in their yard or garden.

 Tolerates Periods of Neglect

The Turk's cap lily plant tolerates periods of neglect and still thrives. This makes it a good choice for anyone who likes to travel during the summer but doesn't want to leave their garden unattended.

 Pleasant Fragrance

 The Turk's cap lily plant has a pleasant fragrance that attracts butterflies and pollinators to the garden. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to attract wildlife while enjoying their yard or garden space.

It can Be Placed In Any Soil.

 The Turk's cap lily plant can be planted in any soil, including sandy and clay. This makes it a good choice for anyone who wants to avoid adding amendments before planting the bulbs.

 Good For Container Gardening

The Turk's cap lily plant is an excellent choice for container gardening because it can handle being planted indoors for long periods. This makes it ideal for anyone who wants to enjoy their indoor garden without worrying about keeping plants alive during winter.


 2. How To Grow The Turk's Cap Lily Plant?

 Plant The Bulbs In A Container Or Garden Bed

The Turk's cap lily plant should be planted in a container with drainage holes at the bottom. If growing indoors, you can use a potting mix with good drainage properties or even pebbles and sand if needed. Choose a location that has partial shade and will receive at least six hours of sunlight each day. The Turk's cap lily is a tropical plant, so it does best in warm temperatures between 70-80 degrees F.


 The Turk's cap lily plant does not require much water once planted in the ground or container. You should only water when the soil dries entirely and not before. If you are growing your Turk's cap lily plant inside, you should water it when the ground begins to dry. You will need to water more often, as the soil may get drier faster in a container than if planted directly into the ground.

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 The Turk's cap lily plant does not require much fertilizer once planted in the ground or container. It would be best if you only fertilize when it begins to flower and you want to encourage more blooms. If you are growing your Turk's cap lily plant indoors, you should fertilize it every two weeks during its growing season.


1. Do Turk's cap lily prefer sun or shade?

A. The Turk's cap lily prefern dappled sunlight.

2. Will Turk's cap lily return every year?

A. Yes, Turk cap lilies are perennials and will return every year.

Turk's cap lily is a beautiful, low-maintenance plant that makes a great addition to any garden. It requires minimal care and can survive in many different environments. This perennial plant has been around for a long time and will continue to thrive for many more years.

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Ships As:
Late Spring, Summer, Fall
Sun & Shade
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  • 5
    turk's cap lily

    Posted by turk's cap lily on Mar 20, 2023

    These plants were in great shape. Looked great. Easy instructions.

  • 5
    tallest flowers ever

    Posted by Turk Cap Lily on Dec 14, 2022

    I can't believe how tall these are

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