White Dogwood

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White, Green
Bare Root
Spring, Summer, Fall
Full Sun
Deer Resistant

White Dogwood 2-3'

White dogwood is a flowering tree that belongs to the Cornus florida species. It is a deciduous tree native to the eastern United States, commonly found in forests, woodlands, and streams. The white dogwood produces showy, four-petaled flowers in the spring that are usually white, although some cultivars may have pink or red flowers. These flowers are followed by small, bright red berries that birds and other wildlife eat in the fall. The tree's leaves turn a vibrant red color in the fall before dropping off for the winter. The white dogwood is a famous ornamental tree for landscaping and is often planted in parks, gardens, and along streets.
There are several reasons why someone might choose a white dogwood tree:
Beautiful spring flowers: The white dogwood produces stunning white flowers in the spring that can make a striking visual impact on any landscape.
Attractive fall foliage: In the fall, the leaves of the white dogwood turn a vibrant red color before dropping off, providing another burst of color to the landscape.
Wildlife habitat: The small, bright red berries that follow the flowers provide a valuable food source for birds and other wildlife, making the white dogwood an excellent choice for attracting wildlife to your yard.
Low maintenance: The white dogwood is a relatively low-maintenance tree that doesn't require much attention once it's established, making it an excellent choice for busy homeowners or those who want to minimize their landscaping workload.
Versatility: The white dogwood can be grown as a single tree or planted in groups for a more dramatic effect. It also works well in various settings, from urban landscapes to more rural areas.

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White dogwoods typically bloom in the spring, usually in late April or early May. However, the exact timing of the bloom can vary depending on the climate and the specific growing conditions of the tree. Warmer temperatures and earlier springs can cause the tree to bloom earlier, while cooler temperatures and later springs can delay the bloom. In general, the bloom of the white dogwood lasts for about two to four weeks, depending on the weather and other environmental factors. After the bloom, the tree will produce its leaves and begin its summer growth cycle.
Overall, the white dogwood is a beautiful and versatile tree that can add great to any landscape.

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White, Green
Bare Root
Spring, Summer, Fall
Full Sun
Deer Resistant:

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