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Wild Geranium - Geranium maculatum

 Wild Geranium plant is a name given to a particular species of geranium found in North America. It has a recognizable scent, usually sweet as well as other scents. Wild Geranium plant is also known as Creeping Moss, sometimes in China and Japan.

Why the Wild Geranium plant is an excellent choice to buy?

 1. It is easy to maintain

 The wild geranium plant has been around for centuries and is one of the easiest plants to grow and maintain in your garden, especially if you have an open space with very little dirt. The plant keeps pesky weeds at bay while providing an overall beautiful appearance and fragrance to the home it resides in, all without having too much maintenance or water cost on its part.

2. It can also help you get rid of mosquitoes

 Mosquitos love areas were there any plants with water in them. They lay eggs in the water, and there is a big chance for them to become larvae. This can be a good place for them to live and breed. However, this cute-looking plant also serves as a natural mosquito repellent, which can help lessen the number of mosquitoes in your home or office. You do not have to spray chemicals or insecticides that may cause harm to you and your family members. 

 3. For landscapers, these plants are excellent because they help create a water barrier and prevent erosion

 Due to its appearance, the plants will grow in a way that is effective to have a natural water barrier. In this way, it can prevent soil erosion and be more effective when constructing something in rocky areas. It's also a good plant for landscapers as people who work outdoors won't get heatstroke quickly.

 How and where it grows best

 Wild Geranium plant can grow healthy in a temperate or tropical climate, and it is a very resilient plant that grows better without direct sunlight. It can grow in, but not limited to, orchards, small yards, trails and mountain tops. The Wild Geranium plant is a perennial flowering shrub that thrives in cold weather as well as moist areas.

How to plant Wild Geranium?

 Separate the last 2-3 inches (5-7 centimeters) of soil from the plant pot. Use a sturdy planting container so the plant does not fall when watering it. The roots need more pressure to grow healthy and strong, but it is an easy mistake to have a huger root system because of the effort to dig up more soil. Once you have prepared your planting container, use your rooting hormone to have a stronger root system. Gently insert the plant, so it is about the same distance from the soil as the height of the container. Use strong twine to tie it to itself and create a circle that encloses the plant's entire root system.


1. Does Wild geranium spread?

A. Yes, wild geraniums (Geranium maculatum), also known as cranesbill, have a spreading habit.

2. Does Wild geranium attract pollinators?

A. Wild geraniums (Geranium maculatum), attract a variety of pollinators due to their nectar-rich flowers such as butterflies and honeybees.

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    wild geranium

    Posted by wild geranium on Mar 20, 2023

    Plants arrived in excellent condition. Would recommend this company.

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    Wild Geranium

    Posted by Wild Geranium on Dec 14, 2022

    They are fine

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